DIDG is not a fund but rather an investment holding company that aims to hold equity and control in the assets to be privatized. Our strategic intent is to be the investment vehicle for all diasporans seeking to participate in Zimbabwes public sector infrastructure development programs.

DIDG solution provides an opportunity for Zimbabweans to participate in key industries in Zimbabwe with much higher chances for success and return on investment. Thus DIDG led commanding heights privatization programme gives Zimbabweans in the diaspora an opportunity to repatriate their wealth back home and support the infrastructure development program. The success of DIDG attracts non-diaspora such as local Zimbabwean and foreign investors which will help grow the investable funds.

DIDG aggregates individual investments and funds from the large Zimbabwean diasporan contingent. This results in a sizable locally owned investment company that is capable to co-fund and recapitalise the infrastructure alongside international and local partners.

Privatization Models

All privatizations are complex and involve different challenges and objectives. DIDG will identify the most appropriate method of privatizing a specific parastatal and work with Government to implement them. The approachess will include some the following:

  •  Private sales and divesture by government;
  •  Concessions to build own operate and transfer;
  •  Purchase of some of the government assets out of parastatals and commercialising them;
  •  Joint funding programs on a PPP basis with operational and management control in DIDG.

DIDG brings wealth of experience in various technical disciplines. This technical knowhow also allows DIDG to engage with external entities that will be offering the technical solutions.