Pooling of skills and financial resources in diaspora towards common projects in Zimbabwe and beyond.

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BIB Background

Brawlers in Business “BIB” is a diasporan formal network of like-minded businesses and individuals that socialize and do business among each other under the social grouping called Brawlers. The Brawlers network, and BIB are both international groups with vast expertise and experience in various economic sectors globally. Its membership is drawn from largely Zimbabwean diaspora living in countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and other African countries. BIB is a company duly incorporated in South Africa. It is also a major shareholder of DIDG and special purpose vehicle that is used by diaspora to subscribe into DIDG.

BIB Objectives


Facilitating the accretion of small to large financial investments from the Diaspora into DIDG managed projects through various investment instruments;


Harnessing of diaspora expertise and skills of individuals and companies from all over the world into a consulting unit that supports DIDG in its projects through a platform called BIB-Consult.


Participating in regional and international assignments that relates to Africa’s infrastructural development.